Our strategy 2014 - 2016

Our three-year strategy sets the direction of World Cancer Research Fund International, a not-for-profit organisation that provides strategic leadership to the charities1 in the World Cancer Research Fund Network in science, policy, communications, partnerships, governance and evaluation. World Cancer Research Fund International also leads and manages the international science and policy programmes for the network.

Our strategic outcomes delivered by 2016

  • We have contributed to the achievement of the World Health Organization’s target of a reduction in non-communicable diseases – including cancer - 25 per cent by 2025.
  • We have shaped responses to cancer prevention through successful partnerships that draw on our expertise and knowledge.
  • We have helped to move cancer and other non-communicable disease prevention up the international policy agenda.
  • We have pioneered new and innovative approaches to cancer prevention research and policymaking.

Strategic Goals and activities:

Goal 1: Develop an inspiring and powerful brand for cancer prevention

  • Implement a brand refresh across the World Cancer Research Fund Network with consistent, clear and dynamic communication that engages people  with our cancer prevention messages.
  • Deliver new websites that embrace technological advances.
  • Increase our reach through the use of social and digital media.

Goal 2: Expand our global position through partnerships and new country presences that add value and impact in the areas of science and policy.

  • Extend the geographical reach of our network to increase the scope of our work.
  • Proactively seek new partnerships with influential decision-makers and like-minded organisations.
  • Build on existing relationships to develop collaborative scientific research projects.

Goal 3: Increase high quality and high impact research, encompassing the latest technologies and innovation in the science of diet, nutrition, physical activity, weight and cancer.

  • Rework the focus of the World Cancer Research Fund International grant programme, including priority geographic targets.
  • Promote the Continuous Update Project findings to share its emerging knowledge.
  • Raise the profile of our science and research programmes and establish the Network as a credible source for cancer prevention and lifestyle statistics.

Goal 4: Become a trusted and effective authority for cancer and other non-communicable disease prevention evidence-based international policymaking.

  • Communicate World Cancer Research Fund International’s goals for public health policy activities.
  • Develop and implement an innovative approach to building and communicating the evidence for policy.
  • Engage and build effective relationships with organisations concerned with cancer and other non-communicable diseases and nutrition.
  • Guide and support the development of policy plans for the charities in the World Cancer Research Fund Network, as requested.

Goal 5: Through our World Cancer Research Fund Network charities, develop health information programmes that support people to make changes to lower their cancer risk.

  • Guide the development of behaviour change projects and support the development of an impact measurement framework on behavioural change.
  • Facilitate best practice sharing across the World Cancer Research Fund Network.
  • Raise the profile of health information with scientific, policy and strategic partners globally.

Goal 6: Support the development of effective national strategies for our World Cancer Fund Network charities to enable the delivery of our joint vision and mission.

  • Deliver strategic guidance to the charities in the World Cancer Research Fund Network.
  • Develop and implement a strategy monitoring, reporting and evaluation system.
  • Provide support to national charities when resource gaps occur.


1 The World Cancer Research Fund Network charities are based in the UK, Netherlands, Hong Kong and USA.