Presentations from past conferences

Presentations from past conferences

Obesity As A Cause Of Cancer: Epidemiologic And Biologic Mechanisms

We sponsored Professor Tim Byers' talk at the International Congress on Obesity in 2014, which included findings on the association between BMI and cancer from our Continuous Update Project – a comprehensive analysis of worldwide research on cancer prevention & survival.

Food, Nutrition, Physical Activity and Cancer – Keeping the Evidence Current: WCRF/AICR Continuous Update Project (CUP)

We held a symposium at the International Congress of Nutrition 2013 on our Continuous Update Project [hyperlink Continuous Project to our CUP page].' This symposium included five presentations.

Obesity, Physical Activity and Cancer

Presentations from this 2013 WCRF International/IASO Conference.

WCRF International Conference: Nutrition, Physical Activity and Cancer Prevention: Current Challenges, New Horizons

This 2010 conference included presentations from some of the most prominent experts from around the world