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Polyphenols, a type of compound found in many plant foods, have been linked with reduced risk of colon cancer in new research funded by World Cancer Research Fund in Japan.
Find out how World Cancer Research Fund backs scientists starting out on a career in cancer prevention and survivorship research
Promising research shows that even tiny amounts of activity can dramatically reduce cancer risk, which could be a game-changer for people who don’t like to exercise.
Associate Prof Brigid Lynch, a cancer epidemiologist in Australia, shares her latest evidence on what happens in a woman’s body when she exercises to reduce her risk of breast cancer
Until now, we have mainly used traditional methods to study nutrition and cancer, but the time has come to use different tools in order to gain more accurate results
We're moving towards a greater understanding of diet, nutrition, physical activity and cancer by renaming and developing our flagship cancer research programme
Sigourney aims to empower and encourage future Black Cancer leaders and reduce cancer disparities through education and advocacy
Earlier this year, results from a WCRF-funded study were announced at the European Congress on Obesity
New research on quality of life of colorectal cancer survivors and diet
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