£1m of new WCRF-funded research kicks off in April

Four of our latest research grants start this month

1 April 2019

This month, four of our newly funded projects, part of our Regular Grant programme, are starting. These research projects, led by international researchers working in multidisciplinary teams, aim to find answers on the role of diet, weight and physical activity in relation to cancer prevention and survival.

Dr Jennifer Baker in Denmark will be looking at how childhood growth and body size throughout a woman’s life affect her risk of breast cancer. Dr Baker was given £350,000 from World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) for this project, which will contribute to the building of a risk profile that could be used to guide preventive efforts and research into the mechanisms behind body size and cancer risk.

Prof Hermann Brenner in Germany was awarded £349,700 in WCRF funding to research whether vitamin D can reduce fatigue in colorectal cancer patients. Fatigue is common among these patients, and this research will help determine how to improve their quality of life during and after cancer.

Prof Ramsey Cutress in the UK received a WCRF grant of £294,221 to research if the amount of muscle and fat in the body can help predict the effectiveness of chemotherapy in breast cancer patients. This could potentially allow doctors to predict who is most at risk of side-effects from chemotherapy, providing women with more effective treatments for breast cancer with less harm to themselves.

Prof Nicholas Timpson, also in the UK, will use £57,351 of funding from WCRF to research the association between body mass index and head and neck cancer survival. This may provide clues for new types of treatment.