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gallbladder cancer report 2015

Link between gallbladder cancer & obesity confirmed

Today we publish a new report which confirms that being overweight or obese increases the risk of gallbladder cancer

World Cancer Research Fund International makes statement on child obesity at World Health Assembly

We make a joint statement supporting the work of the WHO Commission on Ending Childhood Obesity & its call for government action on child obesity

curbing global sugar consumption, a pile of white sugar

Policy brief launched to curb global sugar consumption

We have launched a policy brief which is the first to analyse the effectiveness of sugar policies that have been implemented around the world

Jamie Oliver launches global campaign for compulsory food education

Jamie Oliver’s annual Food Revolution Day campaign this year is petitioning G20 countries to introduce compulsory food education in all schools


Health organisations support restricting marketing of unhealthy foods to children

We join 17 organisations to sign a letter supporting WHO Europe’s nutrient profile model to restrict marketing of foods high in fat, sugar & salt to kids

Blank Broken Jigsaw Puzzle

Improving policymaking to tackle cancer & non-communicable diseases

World Cancer Research Fund International has created a high-level Policy Advisory Group to advise on how we can effectively meet the evidence needs of the global policymaking community

Photograph of some alcoholic drinks

Three alcoholic drinks a day can cause liver cancer

Today, World Cancer Research Fund International publishes global research which finds strong evidence that consuming approximately three or more alcoholic drinks a day causes liver cancer

Children eating fruit

European Commission urged to save school fruit scheme

World Cancer Research Fund International joins twelve organisations to sign open letter asking President of the European Commission to save the EU School Fruit Scheme

Fatty foods

Risk factors for heart disease also increase cancer risk

Research commissioned by World Cancer Research Fund International suggests that high blood pressure and high levels of blood sugar and blood fats also increase the risk of cancer

World Cancer Day: empowering people to make healthy choices

World Cancer Day: Empowering people to make healthy choices

Blog by Co-chair of WHO Commission on Ending Childhood Obesity, cancer prevention videos & infographic launched for World Cancer Day