Response to Public Health England's Sugar Reduction report

We welcome the publication of Public Health England's new report Sugar Reduction: The evidence for action

This report will inform England’s forthcoming childhood obesity strategy. As in many countries around the world, sugar intakes across all population groups in England are too high, and we therefore strongly support the actions suggested by Public Heath England in their report. 
The report reviews the evidence around existing initiatives and programmes to reduce sugar consumption and identifies evidence-based actions that will help reduce sugar intakes. Importantly, the report acknowledges that no single action will be effective in reducing sugar intakes. 
The report’s analysis of the evidence outlines eight main areas for action:
  1. Reduce the number and type of food retail price promotions
  2. Reduce marketing and advertising of high sugar food and drink to children and adults across all media, including digital platforms
  3. Set a clear definition for high sugar foods
  4. Product reformulation and portion size reduction
  5. A minimum 10-20% price increase on high sugar products (e.g. through a tax)
  6. Adopt, implement and monitor government buying standards for food and catering services across the public sector
  7. Accredited training in diet and health for those who influence food choices in catering, fitness and leisure sectors
  8. Raise awareness of sugar levels in the diet and encourage action to reduce intakes
“Similar to the approach promoted by our NOURISHING framework, the report concludes that a structured approach involving a combination of actions, implemented in parallel is needed to reduce sugar intakes,” says Bryony Sinclair, Senior Policy & Public Affairs Manager.