Researchers at Imperial College London

Researchers at Imperial College London maintain a central database of research papers on diet, nutrition, physical activity and cancer (including cancer survivors).

The team, using the methodology of the Second Expert Report, prepares updated systematic literature reviews of the evidence as agreed with the CUP Secretariat and the Expert Panel. The review and collection of evidence is independent of the Expert Panel’s judgement of the evidence.

The team:

  • Teresa Norat, Principal Investigator
  • Leila Abar, Research Associate
  • Louise Abela, Research Associate
  • Dagfinn Aune, Research Associate
  • Margarita Cariolou, Research Associate
  • Doris Chan, Research Associate
  • Neesha Nanu, Research Associate
  • Jakub Sobiecki, Research Associate
  • Darren Greenwood, Statistical Advisor, University of Leeds