Endometrial (womb) cancer

The report on updated evidence for endometrial cancer (also known as cancer of the womb lining) was published in 2013.

Latest evidence

The updated systematic literature review (SLR) and report were published in September 2013. The research team at Imperial College London produced the updated systematic literature review of the evidence on food, nutrition, physical activity, and body fatness relating to the prevention of endometrial cancer in 2012. There were 159 endometrial cancer articles included in the CUP review, including 91 new articles identified in the CUP updated search.

The Expert Panel agreed that the updated CUP findings confirmed the evidence that body fatness is a cause of endometrial cancer, and that physical activity decreases the risk of this cancer. The Panel made new judgements for coffee and glycaemic load, with more studies available for the CUP analyses.

The Endometrial Cancer 2013 Report updates the endometrial cancer section of the Second Expert Report (section 7.12) and is based on the findings of the 2012 SLR and the CUP Expert Panel discussion in June 2013.

Conclusions from the updated evidence for endometrial cancer

The Panel's judgements are shown below. Further details of the analyses can be found in the Endometrial Cancer 2013 Report. Information on how the Panel judged the evidence can be found in Appendix 1 of the report, and further details in chapter 3 of the Second Expert Report.

Food, nutrition, physical activity and endometrial cancer 2013

Published findings in peer-reviewed journals

Selected findings from the endometrial cancer CUP update have been published in peer-reviewed journals. Details of the papers and links to the abstract in PubMed are below:

Anthropometric factors and endometrial cancer risk: A systematic review and dose-response meta-analysis of prospective studies. Aune D, Navarro Rosenblatt D, Chan DS, Vingeliene S, Abar L, Vieira AR, Greenwood DC, Bandera EV & Norat T. Ann Oncol. 2015; 26(8): 1635-8.