Researchers at University of Bristol

The team at the University of Bristol is carrying out work to develop and test new methodology for conducting systematic reviews of mechanistic studies in relation to diet, nutrition, physical activity and the development and progression of different cancers. There is currently no existing method for systematically reviewing mechanistic studies similar to that followed for epidemiological studies for the Continuous Update Project (CUP).

In September 2012, the team was awarded a CUP Request for Applications grant in collaboration with World Cancer Research Fund International with the support of the CUP Panel.

This work originally started back in early 2012, when a Mechanisms Protocol Development Group (MPDG) was set up to provide initial advice to WCRF/AICR on developing appropriate methodology for reviewing evidence on mechanisms that supports the epidemiological evidence on cancer prevention and survivorship.

The team at the University of Bristol is led by Dr Sarah Lewis (Principal Investigator) and Professor Richard Martin (Co Principal Investigator).

Others involved in the work are listed below:

University of Bristol:

  • Dr Mona Jeffreys – Cancer Epidemiology/systematic reviews
  • Dr Mike Gardner – Animal biology/systematic reviews
  • Prof Jeff Holly – Molecular biology – IGF and cancer
  • Dr Tom Gaunt – Genetic epidemiology/bioinformatics
  • Prof Jonathan Sterne – Meta-analysis and systematic review methodology
  • Professor Julian Higgins – Meta-analysis and systematic review methodology 
  • Prof George Davey Smith – Epidemiology
  • Prof Christos Paraskeva – Molecular biology
  • Prof Steve Thomas – Epidemiology of head and neck cancer
  • Dr Pauline Emmett – Nutritional epidemiology
  • Dr Kate Northstone – Nutritional Epidemiology
  • Cath Borwick – Librarian/ Search strategies

University of Cambridge:                                                                         

  • Dr Suzanne Turner – Animal models


  • Dr Sabina Rinaldi – Hormones and cancer

And Professor Martin Wiseman, Dr Panagiota Mitrou and Dr Rachel Thompson on behalf of WCRF International. Dr Pierre Hainut (Director, Institut Albert Bonniot/GIRC, Grenoble France) is also an advisor to WCRF International.