WCRF 2017–18 cancer research grants announced

We are pleased to announce the new World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) International grants that have been awarded as part of our Regular Grant Programme.

23 October 2018

This has been a fantastic year for our grant programme, with over £2.9 million being spent on funding groundbreaking research into the links between diet, nutrition, physical activity and cancer prevention and survival. Grants have been awarded to researchers in Australia, Asia and Europe, reflecting the international nature and global voice of the WCRF network.

The new grants that we are funding are:

Dr Jennifer Baker
Department of Clinical Epidemiology, Frederiksberg Hospital, Denmark (£350,000)
Childhood growth and body size across the lifecourse: pathways to breast cancer.

Professor Hermann Brenner
German Cancer Research Center, Germany (£349,700)
Personalized vitamin D supplementation for reducing fatigue and enhancing quality of life of patients with colorectal tumor: randomized intervention trial (VICTORIA).

Mr Ramsey Cutress
University of Southampton, UK (£294,221)
Body composition and chemotherapy toxicity in women with early breast cancer.

Professor Dallas English
Cancer Council Victoria, Australia (£348,179)
Mechanisms underlying the effect of body fatness on risk of postmenopausal breast cancer: a nested case-control with causal mediation analysis.

Professor David Goldstein
UNSW Sydney – Prince of Wales Clinical School, Australia (£60,000)
IN FOCUS Exercise trial.

Professor Bronwyn Kingwell
Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute, Australia (£349,985)
Preventing the adverse cardiometabolic consequences of allogeneic stem cell transplant with physical activity.

Dr Brigid Lynch
Cancer Council Victoria, Australia (£294,904)
Linking physical activity to breast cancer: a systematic review of mechanistic studies.

Dr Valerie McCormack
International Agency for Research on Cancer, France (£257,750)
Dietary factors in the African Esophageal Cancer Corridor.

Dr Tora Skeidsvoll Solheim
Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway (£345,029)
The MENAC Trial: A randomised, open-label trial of a Multimodal Intervention (exercise, nutrition and anti-inflammatory medication) plus standard care versus standard care alone to prevent cachexia in advanced cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.

Professor Nicholas Timpson
University of Bristol, UK (£57,351)
Assessing direction and causality in the association between BMI and head and neck cancer survival: A pilot study.

Dr Shoichiro Tsugane
National Cancer Center, Japan (£291,582)
Investigating the role of polyphenols in colorectal cancer development: molecular epidemiologic studies.

We look forward to keeping our followers updated on how these research projects progress.