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Defining the role of diet and age in the spreading of breast cancer

Sarah-Maria Fendt — VIB-Flemish Institute for Biotechnology

This research assesses metabolism, gene and protein expression in breast cancer cells, aged, obese and control mice with breast tumours and patient samples to understand formation of metastasis.

Status: Ongoing

Non-metastatic colorectal cancer: the role of liver fat, treatment tolerance & prognosis

Dieuwertje Kok — Wageningen University and Research Centre

The aim of this project is to unravel the role of liver fat in relation to acute and long-term clinical outcomes in individuals with large bowel cancer.

Status: Ongoing

Investigating the role of lifestyle in neuroendocrine tumours

Rachel van Leeuwaarde — University Medical Centre Utrecht (UMCU)

Neuroendocrine tumors are rare tumors that come from hormone-producing cells in the body. This study aims to investigate the relationship between lifestyle and the development of these tumours.

Status: Ongoing

Colorectal cancer survival in Palestine: a feasibility study on lifestyle factors

Rania Abu Seir — Al-Quds University

This small study will determine if we can undertake a large long-term follow-up study to explore the relationship between lifestyle and survival among large bowel cancer patients.

Status: Ongoing

Feasibility study using exercise for survivors of paediatric sarcoma

Stewart Graeme Trost — University of Queensland

This will be the first study to explore the feasibility, acceptability and preliminary efficacy of a programme to improve fitness, physical function and physical activity in survivors of childhood sarcoma.

Status: Ongoing

Older adults with cancer: designing a diet and activity model of care

Ruth Hubbard — University of Queensland

This project aims to co-design and test the feasibility of a new diet and physical activity programme for older people with cancer based on their values and needs.

Status: Ongoing

Feasibility study for helping patients with chemo-induced peripheral neuropathy

Jasmine Menant — Neuroscience Research Australia

Feasibility study on balance and cognitive training for patients with chemo-induced peripheral neuropathy.

Status: Ongoing

ERADICATE exercise trial to improve tumour perfusion alongside radiotherapy for prostate cancer patients

Daniel Galvão — Edith Cowan University

The ERADICATE exercise trial aims to increase the flow of oxygen to the prostate tumour alongside radiotherapy.

Status: Ongoing

Impact of obesity on cancer survival using the Systemic Anti-Cancer Therapy Dataset

Simon Lord — University of Oxford

Researchers are using an NHS database that captures data for all patients in England that have received cancer treatment in the past decade to better understand survival.

Status: Ongoing

Exercise and outcomes in advanced oesophageal cancer

Adam Frampton — University of Surrey

Will a pre-therapy exercise intervention improve the outcomes of patients with advanced oesophageal cancer?

Status: Ongoing