eLearning module on obesity & cancer launched

eLearning module for health professionals launched in collaboration with World Obesity Federation

19 October 2015

World Cancer Research Fund International and World Obesity Federation have launched an online, eLearning module on obesity and cancer.

The module, which is designed for doctors, nurses and other health professionals, provides an overview of the evidence linking obesity to preventable cancers, and explores the biological processes underpinning these links. It also describes the impact of obesity on cancer treatment, and the relationship between weight loss and recurrence and mortality in cancer survivors.

Professor Martin Wiseman - our Medical and Scientific Adviser - covers a range of subjects in the module including our analysis of global research, which shows that being overweight or obese increases the risk of 10 cancers.

Professor Wiseman commented: “Most of us are aware of the link between diabetes, heart disease and obesity, but many scientists and clinicians remain unaware of the strong evidence linking being overweight or obese to many cancers. Given the scale of the global obesity epidemic, it is important that all health professionals are fully aware of this research, which is why we’re pleased to support this important venture.”

The eLearning module forms part of World Obesity Federation’s internationally acclaimed Specialist Certification in Obesity Professional Education (SCOPE) programme. To take the course or find out more, please visit the World Obesity Federation’s website.