CO-CREATE project publishes novel methods for youth engagement and benchmarking of national obesity prevention policies

WCRF International collaborated on three papers presenting new tools providing insights into nutrition and physical policies across Europe

24 February 2023

> Find the link to the CO-CREATE Supplement in Obesity Reviews here

The new Obesity Reviews, published today, presents a set of novel methods used by the CO-CREATE project to give young people a voice in policy and research as part of efforts to take a more systems-based approach to childhood obesity prevention. This is complemented by papers presenting a set of new tools developed to benchmark national policy action on physical activity and nutrition.

World Cancer Research Fund International, in collaboration with the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, worked to develop novel methods for monitoring, benchmarking, and evaluating relevant policies. Three papers were written on the processes and challenges of benchmarking national government action on nutrition and physical activity across Europe, using the NOURISHING and MOVING databases and indexes.

PaperLead author
Scan of physical activity policy actions in Europe: Lessons learned from populating the MOVING databaseOldridge-Turner, K
The development of the NOURISHING and MOVING benchmarking tools to monitor and evaluate national governments’ nutrition and physical activity policies to address obesity in the European regionVlad, I
Pilot testing of the NOURISHING policy index – assessing governmental nutrition policies in five European countriesFismen, A.S

The findings of the NOURISHING and MOVING policy indexes will be launched in during two webinars in March 2023.

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