We are working to change the cancer landscape and make cancer prevention a reality for governments and individuals


  • Strengthen, inspire and deliver cancer prevention globally
  • Lead, unify and support the World Cancer Research Fund network
  • Move cancer prevention higher up the international agenda
  • Take evidence to practice by enabling people worldwide to follow our Cancer Prevention Recommendations


  • Stimulate and support research and innovation in cancer prevention and survivorship
  • Advance the evidence for policy and expand our policy programme
  • Analyse global cancer prevention and survival research in diet, nutrition and physical activity through the Continuous Update Project
  • Promote innovative cancer prevention research with a new focus on cancer survivorship and individualised medicine
  • Strengthen and develop existing and new partnerships
  • Maximise impact through utilising press and TV, social media, international conferences and scientific publications
  • Set and monitor strategic priorities for the World Cancer Research Fund network

If you work in the areas of government, civil society and policymaking, and would like to know more about what we aim to achieve in this area and how, read our policy strategy for 2021–24.