Our success and influence is driven by the amazing experts who work for World Cancer Research Fund International.

We have achieved this success through the high-quality work produced by the people we work with, both externally and within the organisation.

If you have a question about our work or that of our network of cancer charities, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Marilyn Gentry, President, World Cancer Research Fund network

Marilyn is one of the founders of the World Cancer Research Fund network, which is responsible for helping transform public opinion to recognise that some cancers are preventable and not simply a matter of genetics or bad luck. She has dedicated more than 40 years to cancer prevention, by promoting authoritative global research and health information. Marilyn continues to provide strategic direction and leadership for the World Cancer Research Fund network.


Rachael Hutson Gormley, CEO WCRF and Executive Director, of WCRF International

Rachael moved to the Executive Director role in 2018 after a decade of holding the post of Executive Director of Network Operations. She works closely with the Network offices to help to ensure cohesion of goals, strategies, actions and administration.

In addition, Rachael now leads World Cancer Research Fund’s presence in the UK as the CEO and is passionate about ensuring that our work truly does empower people to take action to lead healthier, happier, cancer-free lives. She works closely with the senior management team to drive the overall strategic development, direction and operational management of WCRF as well as other network executives to guide the network vision and work.


Dr Panagiota Mitrou, Director of Research, Policy and Innovation

Dr Mitrou has a PhD in molecular epidemiology from the University of Cambridge and has written several papers in the area of diet and cancer. She previously held research positions at the National Cancer Institute in the US and at the University of Cambridge. She has worked at WCRF for over 15 years in various senior positions within the science department. In her current role she overall responsibility for our science and policy programmes.


Dr Julia Panina, Head of Research Funding

Julia has obtained a MSc in Drug Discovery and Translational Biology from the University of Edinburgh, and a PhD in Cancer Biology from Imperial College London. Prior to joining WCRF, Julia completed her postdoctoral research at The Francis Crick Institute, specialising in cancer metabolism and solidifying her experience in conducting literature reviews, mechanistic research and data analysis.

At WCRF, Julia is responsible for ensuring the effective running of a successful Regular Grant Programme and establishing the second Inspire Research Challenge. She is also managing additional external research collaborations, WCRF Academy activities and communicating with internal and external stakeholders about the findings and impact of the grants we fund.


Kate Oldridge-Turner, Head of Policy and Public Affairs

Kate has a background in human rights law and social policy, having worked in a wide variety of sectors including the food and drink industry, disability organisations, and sport and exercise at both UK and international level. She has a degree in combined social science from Durham University and a Masters in human rights law from SOAS.

Prior to joining World Cancer Research Fund International, Kate was Policy Manager at Leonard Cheshire. She previously lived in Rwanda for several years, working as an Advocacy Advisor for a disability organisation and worked at Sport England in policy and public affairs relating to community sport. In her spare time she is the Vice-Chair of the board of trustees for AbleChildAfrica.


Dr Helen Croker, Assistant Director of Research and Policy

Helen is a Registered Dietitian and has a PhD in epidemiology and public health from UCL. She previously worked as a Senior Research Fellow at UCL at the Institute of Child Health and the Department of Behavioural Science and Health. Her work has focused on obesity and nutrition, through a behavioural science lens, as well as carrying out policy-related research.

She has a broad range of experience, including developing and evaluating behavioural interventions; undertaking systematic literature reviews; dietary assessment; and carrying out quantitative, qualitative and experimental research. At WCRF, she is primarily supporting the implementation of the new phase of the Continuous Update Project.


Dr Kate Allen, Science and Policy Advisor

Kate worked as Executive Director of Science and Public Affairs at World Cancer Research Fund International before moving to her current role of Science and Policy Advisor.

Kate has a science communications background. In previous roles she set up an award-winning Interactive Education Unit at the Institute of Cancer Research, developing materials for scientists, healthcare professionals, students, patients and the general public. Before that, as Director of Writing at Medi Cine International (a medical communications agency) she developed educational materials across all media (print, video, audio, digital), mainly for specialist physician audiences.

Kate has a neurosciences PhD from the University of London.


Prof Martin Wiseman, Medical and Scientific Adviser

Martin is Visiting Professor in Human Nutrition at Southampton University and former Head of Nutrition at the Department of Health in England. He is one of the country’s leading experts on the links between food, nutrition, body weight, physical activity and cancer.


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