Interactive Cancer Risk Matrix

Discover how diet, nutrition and physical activity affect cancer risk. In the interactive matrix below, roll over or touch a bubble to find out more details.

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This tool gives information on how different aspects of diet, as well as body weight and physical activity, might be linked to cancer risk. The strength of the evidence that any such link might be a truly causal factor has been put into one of three categories:

‘Convincing’ or ‘probable’ evidence that the link is causal is regarded as strong enough to support a recommendation for cancer prevention but any single conclusion does not represent a recommendation in its own right.

‘Limited-suggestive’ evidence is regarded as too limited to support a recommendation (because the quality or amount of evidence was inadequate, or it was too inconsistent), even if there was a suggestion that there might be an effect.

Find more information about how the evidence was judged and our Cancer Prevention Recommendations.

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