Research highlights

Every year we fund researchers to make big discoveries in ways to prevent cancer, improve the quality of life of people living with cancer, and increase our understanding of the underlying cellular and molecular links between diet, weight, physical activity and cancer.

In 2023, we awarded 3.8m across 16 grants:

Regular Grants Programme grants graphic 2023

World Cancer Research Fund has once again partnered with Cancer Australia to co-fund 1 research project based in Australia. This project will aim to find out if people after cancer suffering from neuropathy enjoy playing computer games that involve stepping on a special mat and if this interactive stepping programme can reduce their symptoms, improve their balance and walking, and so improve their lives.

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Here are some of the highlights from our previous grants:

Mechanisms research

An important part of our understanding of cancer prevention is mechanism research. This is when we not only looking at what increases the risk of cancer, such as alcohol, but how it increases the risk – such as through damaging our DNA’s ability to repair itself.

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