NOURISHING framework translated into Spanish

Our policy framework, NOURISHING, has been translated into Spanish and published in a book, Obesity in Mexico.

Our NOURISHING framework, used by governments, researchers and civil society organisations around the world, is now available in Spanish. NOURISHING outlines ten areas where governments need to take action to promote healthy diets and reduce overweight, obesity and diet-related non-communicable diseases.

Nourishing framework translated into Spanish

The Spanish version of NOURISHING appears in the new book, Obesity in Mexico: the state of public policy and recommendations for its prevention and control, published by the National Institute of Public Health in Mexico. Chapter seven of the book provides an overview of good practice policy interventions to prevent and control obesity through healthy eating, categorised by NOURISHING’s ten policy areas.

Bryony Sinclair, our former Senior Policy & Public Affairs Manager and a co-author of the chapter, said: “It is wonderful to see our NOURISHING framework translated into Spanish. We hope it can help promote action to more effectively address rising rates of obesity. The book demonstrates how NOURISHING can be used as a tool – it highlights policy actions being implemented in Mexico across NOURISHING’s ten policy areas. Other countries can do the same to help identify gaps and opportunities for further action.”

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