Excess body weight tips the scale on pancreatic cancer risk

Person stepping onto glass weighing scales

Sarah WestSarah West is Director of Communications. She has 15 years’ experience of working in communications and campaigns both nationally and internationally. Before joining World Cancer Research Fund International she worked for the International HIV/AIDS Alliance, managing press relations and has worked for government, business and international NGOs, running high profile advocacy campaigns. Sarah is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations.

Following our recent report that reviewed the latest evidence on pancreatic cancer risk we have put together an infographic for Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month that captures the key risk factors and the scale of the problem.

Pancreatic cancer is often advanced by the time someone experiences symptoms, which means people often don’t consult a doctor until it’s too late. Less than one in five survive the disease a year after diagnosis.

The latest prevention research confirms that you can help avoid pancreatic cancer by maintaining a healthy weight. Excess body weight and smoking both increase risk. Check out the risk factors and the numbers of people affected globally by this disease.

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WCRF Pancreatic Cancer infografic