Global Nutrition Report published today

The 2018 Global Nutrition Report (GNR) reveals malnutrition is unacceptably high and affects every country in the world, but the report also outlines that there is now an unprecedented opportunity to end it

29 November 2018

The GNR is an annual report that provides an overview of the world’s nutrition status – globally, regionally and by country – and current efforts to improve it. This is done by tracking governments' progress on reaching the global nutrition targets, ranging from improving efforts to prevent, reduce and control diet-related non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and improve maternal and infant nutrition.

In its fifth edition, published today, the GNR also highlights challenges and solutions from around the globe, calling on all stakeholders to act now to address malnutrition in all its forms – the so-called ‘double burden’ of both undernutrition and overweight and obesity affecting communities, families and individuals.

Louise Meincke, Head of Policy and Public Affairs at World Cancer Research Fund, said: "We welcome the launch of this report. Every country is affected by malnutrition and to date not enough has been done to curb the unacceptable double burden of malnutrition. Cancer is one of many NCDs which can be prevented if people have access to affordable, healthy food. Our framework and policy database, NOURISHING, highlights where governments need to take action to promote healthy diets and prevent overweight and obesity, and provides specific examples of already implemented food policies around the world."

Corinna Hawkes, co-chair of the Report and Director of the Centre for Food Policy, said: "The figures call for immediate action. Malnutrition is responsible for more ill-health than any other cause. The health consequences of overweight and obesity contribute to an estimated 4 million deaths, while undernutrition explains around 45% of deaths among children under five. The uncomfortable question is not so much 'why are things so bad?' but 'why are things not better when we know so much more than before?'"

The report will be launched in Bangkok during the global event, Accelerating the end of hunger and malnutrition.

Read the 2018 GNR and find out more about World Cancer Research Fund's policy and public affairs work.