Our Policy Report

Policy and Action for Cancer Prevention

Our 2009 policy report, Policy and Action for Cancer Prevention, was developed to support the scientific research in our Second Expert Report and sets out recommendations for how policymakers can create supportive environments which will encourage people to adopt World Cancer Research Fund International's Cancer Prevention Recommendations.

Based on the evidence, integrated, multi-sectoral action is needed globally to achieve healthier diets and sustained physical activity.

Policy implications of our 2018 Third Expert Report

The Recommendations and Public Health and Policy Implications chapter of our Third Expert Report, Diet, Nutrition, Physical Activity and Cancer: a Global Perspective, discusses the importance of taking policy action to influence the broader ‘upstream’ determinants of cancer that are beyond people’s personal control and presents a new policy framework that outlines actions that can be taken to promote healthy diets, physical activity and breastfeeding and reduce alcohol consumption.

To accompany the Third Expert Report, we published a policy brief, Driving action to prevent cancer and other non-communicable diseases: a new policy framework for promoting healthy diets, physical activity, breastfeeding and reducing alcohol consumption. The brief, aimed primarily at policymakers, sets out why more policy action is urgently needed to prevent cancer and other diet-related non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and outlines how the new policy framework can help governments take a comprehensive approach to promoting healthy diets, physical activity, breastfeeding and reducing alcohol consumption.

Our policy frameworks

Our NOURISHING policy framework was developed to help promote healthy diets and reduce overweight, obesity and diet-related NCDs. The framework and accompanying policy database is for use by policymakers, researchers and civil society organisations, and was designed to illustrate that a comprehensive, multi-sectoral policy approach is needed to promote healthy diets and reduce diet-related NCDs, including cancer.

Our Driving Action policy framework was developed using our NOURISHING framework as a foundation to address physical activity, breastfeeding and alcohol consumption, in addition to diet. The new policy framework can be used by governments to consider policy actions that will help create environments conducive for people and communities to follow our Cancer Prevention Recommendations. This new framework complements but does not replace our NOURISHING framework.

As part of Confronting Obesity: Co-creating policy with youth, a project with a consortium of 14 research and advocacy organisations, we have developed the MOVING policy framework to promote physical activity and an accompanying database of implemented physical activity policy actions.