Information for grant holders

FAQs relevant to current World Cancer Research Fund International grant holders.

Terms and conditions

All awarded grants must comply with the World Cancer Research Fund International Regular Grant Programme terms and conditions, as specified on our ‘Procedures for Funded Grants: Terms & Conditions’ document.

The terms and conditions document contains information on the steps that must be taken when requesting changes to the grant (section 2), when monitoring the progress of the grant (section 3), when disseminating grant outputs (section 4), and on intellectual property and patents (section 5).

Grant monitoring

Monitoring the progress of the grants is an essential part of the grant programme due process. In addition, the information collected during monitoring is invaluable to WCRF International and to the WCRF national charities, which are the funding bodies that award the grants.

Informative grant monitoring allows WCRF International to assess the impact of the funded research and helps to develop the scope of the grant programme. It also provides the network charities with information to underpin their communication, fundraising and health information projects.

Grant reports and liaison visits are the two main forms of grant monitoring.

Refer to the terms and conditions for more information.