A woman giving a presentation and World Cancer Research Fund policy work

Our policy work

We influence governments & policymakers globally to promote healthier diets, prevent obesity & non-communicable diseases
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Professor Hilary Powers

Analysing research on cancer prevention and survival

The Continuous Update Project is our ongoing programme to collate and analyse global research on how diet, nutrition, weight & physical activity affect cancer risk and survival

Fresh vegetables
Robust food policies

Food policy highlights from around the world

Poor diet remains one of the world’s leading causes of preventable NCDs. We highlight robust food policy actions from around the world that governments can use to promote healthier eating


Govts to tackle malnutrition in all its forms

We help influence Member States attending the Second International Conference on Nutrition to adopt the Rome Declaration and Framework for Action to address malnutrition in all its forms


Our policy & public affairs strategy

We work to advance the development and implementation of effective policies worldwide to help people reduce their risk of cancer and other non-communicable diseases

Our NOURISHING framework

Our policy framework includes a comprehensive list of up-to-date policy actions to promote healthier diets, prevent obesity & non-communicable diseases