Arsenic in drinking water linked to bladder cancer

Today we publish a new report which confirms that arsenic in drinking water increases the risk of bladder cancer

2 December 2015

World Cancer Research Fund International’s analysis of global research has found strong evidence that exposure to arsenic in drinking water increases the risk of bladder cancer.

The evidence in our latest Continuous Update Report (CUP) is stronger than the evidence available during our last review of worldwide research - the 2007 Second Expert Report.

This finding is a concern as tens of millions of people across the world are exposed to arsenic-contaminated drinking water, particularly in developing countries.

Our systematic review analysed 45 studies from around the world - comprising over 7 million adults and almost 37,000 cases of bladder cancer.

The report contains full details on the findings and conclusions. Or read the blog by Professor Ricardo Uauy, one of the independent Expert Panel members working on our Continuous Update Project.