Methods for compiling and updating the NOURISHING database

We developed a detailed ‘methods document’, explaining how we keep the NOURISHING database up-to-date with implemented government policies, to:

  • Describe the structured process that is in place;
  • Improve transparency of how the database is populated and updated;
  • Increase users’ confidence about the quality of the information in the database.

A subgroup of our Policy Advisory Group, comprising four of its members (Dr Hasan Hutchinson, Dr Knut-Inge Klepp, Dr Shiriki Kumanyika, Dr Mike Rayner), advised us on the development of the methods document.

The document explains in detail our two-stage process used to update the database: The first stage is to source and review policy actions that are intended to promote healthy diets and reduce obesity, using an appropriate structured approach. The second stage is to verify the details of the policy actions with in-country or regional experts to ensure the policy has actually been implemented and to what extent, and to source any existing published evaluations of the policy’s impact.

You can download the methods document as a pdf.