MOVING framework

Our policy framework to promote physical activity

MOVING framework

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World Cancer Research Fund developed a policy framework focused on promoting physical activity as part of our involvement in the EU’s CO-CREATE project.

The framework was developed following a review of the global literature on physical activity policy, including the WHO Global Action Plan on Physical Activity, and consultation with physical activity policy experts.

Our analysis of global scientific research shows that there is a link between how physically active we are and our risk of obesity and cancer.  

How countries promote physical activity 

We have created a policy framework called MOVING. MOVING recognises that policy actions are needed within four domains: Active Societies, Active Environments, Active People and Active Systems. The evidence shows that each domain is important in influencing how active we are. 

Within the three policy domains are six policy areas. Each letter of the word MOVING relates to a policy area where governments should take action. 

These include programmes to promote activity across the life course, including at schools and workplaces; active travel through walking and cycling infrastructure, and access to green spaces; and educating everyone about the benefits of living an active life. 

MOVING framework