Lessons on implementing a robust sugar sweetened beverage tax

The first report in our Building Momentum series

Water bottling line for processing and bottling black carbonated juice into bottlesThe first report in this series provides advice to policymakers about designing and implementing a sugar sweetened beverage tax in the face of various challenges caused by lack of political and public will, and industry interference.

It seeks to equip policymakers with overarching guidance on how to design a robust SSB tax that will help overcome issues of lack of political and public will as well as mitigate the risk of lawsuits and trade disputes. To illustrate the main points, case studies are woven through the report.

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Every country has the right to tax and every country has the right to have fiscal policy in their constitution – Prof Barry Popkin, University of North Carolina, US

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On the blog

Lynn Silver, a paediatrician and public health advocate, is Senior Advisor at the Public Health Institute and Clinical Professor at the University of California, San Francisco. She takes a look at the history and future of sugary drink taxes.

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