FAQs for research grant applicants

Find out who can apply for World Cancer Research Fund International’s grant scheme, and how

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Eligibility questions

Who should apply?
Can a PhD student be the PI?
Where do you accept applications from?
What about applications from the Americas?
Which institutions are eligible to apply?
Is there a limit to the number of applications to submit?

Regular Grant Programme schemes questions

Which type of scheme should I apply for?
What is the available budget?
Is my project relevant to WCRF International’s remit?
What makes a strong application?

Research principles questions

Do you accept applications using animal models?
Do you accept applications using single cell lines?
Are there any options for funding researchers who work on anti-cancer drugs or cancer treatment?
I am applying for a grant but do not have ethical approval in place. Will this prevent my application from going forward?

General questions

What languages are acceptable for submission of a WCRF International grant?
How do I submit my application?
What currency should the budget proposal be submitted in?
What currency will funds be paid in?
Will I receive feedback regarding my application?
If my application has not been accepted, can I apply for the next round?
How competitive are WCRF grants?


Regular Grant Programme schemes

Research principles

General questions