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Diet, Nutrition, Physical Activity and Cancer: a Global Perspective report was produced in 2018 by World Cancer Research Fund International on behalf of AICR, WCRF and WKOF.

You can download all the chapters, systematic literature reviews and protocols from this page.

The complete report

This website allows you to read extracts from report chapters online, and download full chapter PDFs, SLRs and protocols, which total more than 12,000 pages.

We have also put together a series of toolkits with tables, graphics and slides as a useful resource for science and research professionals.

Report bundle options are shown below or skip to individual downloads.

WCRF Diet, Nutrition, Physical Activity and Cancer: a Global Perspective complete report bundleThirdDownload the entire report bundle

> Download all PDF chapters of the full diet and cancer report as a complete zip file.

Please note this file is 57MB.



Diet, Nutrition, Physical Activity and Cancer: a Global Perspective report summary coverThe report summary

The report summary is over 100 pages and provides an accessible overview of the scientific evidence in the report that can serve as an invaluable reference and teaching tool.

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Diet, Nutrition, Physical Activity and Cancer summary report zip fileDownload the PDF & Toolkit report summary

Download only the report summary PDF or the toolkit which contains both the PDF and slides with graphics and tables.

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Download translations

Mandarin: Report summary PDF (6.6MB) | (557KB)

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Spanish: (513KB)

Download individual chapter PDFs and Toolkits

Cancer process

PDF (2.3MB, 67 pages) | (5MB)

Judging the evidence

PDF (1.5MB, 43 pages)


Wholegrains, vegetables and fruit – PDF (2.8MB, 140 pages) | (8.2MB)

Meat, fish and dairy products – PDF (2.5MB, 80 pages) | (4.4MB)

Preservation and processing of foods – PDF (1.3MB, 53 pages) | (2.6MB)

Non-alcoholic drinks – PDF (1.7MB, 64 pages) | (3.1MB)

Alcoholic drinks – PDF (2.6MB, 85 pages) | (5.7MB)

Other dietary exposures – PDF (1.9MB, 74 pages) | (3.5MB)

Physical activity – PDF (1.6MB, 64 pages) | (3.8MB)

Body fatness and weight gain – PDF (3.1MB, 142 pages) | (8MB)

Height and birthweight – PDF (1.6MB, 70 pages) | (4.2MB)

Lactation – PDF (1MB, 33 pages) | (1.6MB)


Cancers of the mouth, pharynx, larynx – Report PDF (1.3MB, 67 pages) | SLR | Protocol | (2.5MB)

Nasopharyngeal cancer – SLR PDF | Protocol PDF (no toolkit)

Oesophageal cancer – Report PDF (1.1MB, 62 pages) | SLR | Protocol | (2.4MB)

Lung cancer – Report PDF (1.6MB, 71 pages) | SLR | Protocol | (2.5MB)

Stomach cancer – Report PDF (1.2MB, 62 pages)  | SLR | Protocol | (2.5MB)

Pancreatic cancer – Report PDF (<1MB, 43 pages) | SLR | Protocol | (1MB)

Gallbladder cancer – Report PDF (<1MB, 28 pages) | SLR | Protocol | (1.5MB)

Liver cancer – Report PDF (1.1MB, 52 pages) | SLR | Protocol | (1.9MB)

Colorectal cancer – Report PDF (2.7MB, 111 pages) | SLR | (6MB)

Breast cancer – Report PDF (2.4MB, 124 pages) | SLR | Protocol | (6MB)

Ovarian cancer – Report PDF (<1MB, 32 pages) | SLR | Protocol | (1MB)

Endometrial cancer – Report PDF (<1MB, 36 pages) | SLR | Protocol | (1MB)

Cervical cancer – SLR | Protocol | (no toolkit)

Prostate cancer – Report PDF (1.1MB, 53 pages) | SLR | Protocol | (2.3MB)

Kidney cancer – Report PDF (<1MB, 46 pages) | SLR | Protocol | (1.8MB)

Bladder cancer – Report PDF (<1MB, 38 pages) | SLR | Protocol | (1.2MB)

Skin cancer – Report PDF (1.8MB, 54 pages) | SLR | Protocol | (2.7MB) | Infographic (<1MB)

Breast cancer survivors – Report PDF (1.1MB, 55 pages) | SLR | Protocol | (2.6MB)

Energy balance and body fatness

PDF (3.5MB, 124 pages) | LR | (6.1MB) | Infographic (<1MB)

Survivors of breast and other cancers

PDF (<1MB, 36 pages) | (1.4MB)

Recommendations and public health and policy implications

PDF (3.1MB, 92 pages) | (7.8MB)

Future research directions

PDF (1MB, 31 pages) | (No toolkit)

Cancer risk matrix

Strong evidence matrix PDF

Full matrix PDF

Download all matrices

Matrices (11.7MB)

Third Expert Report overview slides (44MB)

Third Expert Report webinar slides

Webinar slides 17 July 2019 PPT (28MB)


The Third Expert Report is the intellectual property of World Cancer Research Fund and American Institute for Cancer Research. Users may make use of the text and graphics in the Third Expert Report for teaching and personal purposes, provided they give credit to World Cancer Research Fund and American Institute for Cancer Research.

For any other use please read the permissions page. Please note, in instances where users intend to modify any content, including language translation, explicit permission must be sought in advance of action. Note, for any text and graphics belonging to other parties and used in the Third Expert Report with permission, contact the copyright holder.