Nutrition policy index

The NOURISHING index outlines the status of nutrition policy in 30 European countries, and can be used by stakeholders to promote ways to reduce overweight and obesity.

Government action to create environments where people find it easy to eat a healthy diet is essential to prevent overweight and obesity, and related non-communicable diseases, including cancer.

Our nutrition policy index gives an at-a-glance assessment of how well countries in Europe are doing in enabling people to eat healthy diets. It is produced by rating and comparing countries based on the quality of their policy design in different areas.

Download the NOURISHING policy brief


Our NOURISHING policy brief is now available in French, German and Spanish, as well as English.

Results are displayed for each area of the NOURISHING framework. Countries are placed in 5 categories from poor to excellent.

Table showing the policy index categories

Policy index matrix

NOURISHING index matrix

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Policy tools used to produce the index

The index is structured around our NOURISHING framework and developed by applying the NOURISHING benchmarking tool. It is one of a set of policy tools developed as part of the CO-CREATE project to monitor, benchmark and compare national government nutrition policies.

Graphic of the 4 NOURISHING policy tools: framework, database, index and benchmarking tool

Physical activity policies

We have also produced an index focusing on physical activity policy: read our MOVING policy brief.

NOURISHING policy index FAQs

NOURISHING policy index webinar

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