Food policy highlights from around the world

What more could you do to promote healthy eating in your country?

Poor diet remains one of the world’s leading causes of preventable non-communicable diseases, like cancer and heart disease.

As shown by NOURISHING – our policy framework to promote healthy eating – many countries have taken food policy actions to address obesity and non-communicable diseases.

However, overall progress is low compared to the scale of the global burden of non-communicable diseases and the challenges of unhealthy food environments and diets.

In this leaflet we highlight a small number of food policy actions, chosen because they:

  • have already been, or begun to be, implemented;
  • have a relatively robust design and potential for impact;
  • are supported by evidence indicating they can lead to healthier diets;
  • can be tailored for application in other countries.

We call on all countries to use these policies as a springboard for action. To achieve greater impact, we need more, well-designed policy actions and better policy evaluation.

Download Food policy highlights from around the world (PDF)

Find out how governments around the world are taking action in our NOURISHING database of nutrition policies.