Our policy work

We provide evidence-informed policy recommendations to help governments and policymakers around the world take effective action to reduce preventable cases of cancer and other non-communicable diseases

Our work supports the development and implementation of effective policies to enable people to follow World Cancer Research Fund International’s Recommendations for Cancer Prevention. These recommendations are based on our analysis of global research on the link between diet, nutrition, weight, physical activity and cancer. Evidence shows that effective policy implementation will reduce the chances of people developing cancer and other non-communicable diseases.

Our policy work helps to achieve the objectives of the global architecture for non-communicable diseases and international nutrition plans of the United Nations and its agencies.

To encourage national and international policymakers to take comprehensive action, we developed the NOURISHING framework. NOURISHING brings together the ten areas where governments need to take action to promote healthier diets and reduce obesity.

We recommend that governments use NOURISHING to see what other countries are doing, learn from their experiences and to build effective policy actions by tailoring the examples to their own specific contexts.