Database methodology

How we compile and update the NOURISHING and MOVING databases

World Cancer Research Fund has developed a detailed Methods Document (PDF 1MB) to explain how we keep the NOURISHING and MOVING databases of policies relating to nutrition and physical activity up-to-date with implemented government policy actions.

We provide this document to:

  • describe the structured process that is in place;
  • provide transparency about how the databases are populated and updated;
  • increase your confidence in the quality of the information in the databases.

The document explains the 2-stage process used to update the database:

The first stage is to source and review policy actions that are intended to promote healthy diets and reduce obesity, for the NOURISHING database, and promote physical activity, for the MOVING database, using a structured approach known as a Global Scan.

The scan is conducted on a rolling basis, and policy actions are sourced and monitored from newsletters, listservs and our research into key topics.

The Global Scan is supplemented with the comprehensive search of national diet-nutrition and physical activity policy actions for 30 European countries, known as the Comprehensive European Scan. This in-depth scan of European countries gives a more detailed overview of the policy environment to support the activities of other stakeholders within the CO-CREATE project.

The Comprehensive European Scan of nutrition and physical activity policy actions in the 27 European countries takes a systematic approach with specific search terms, set out in the Technical Annex (PDF 1MB) of the Methods Document.

After performing a Global or Comprehensive European Scan, the second stage is to verify the details of the policy actions with in-country or regional experts to ensure the policy has actually been implemented and to what extent, and to source evaluations of the policy’s impact.

The Technical Annex of the Methods Document describes the detailed search terms and inclusion criteria.

All policies in the databases must be national in scope, currently implemented and meet the definition of ‘policy action’.

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